That's me!I’m Tamara and nevermind her is my portfolio/blog site. It is the hybrid of two or three previous sites I have had. Some I don’t even remember their names or where they are. The name is from my Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball teams. With the new season, I hope to return to my former glory of being the best GM in my league.

This is the fifth design of the site since I created it in October 2004. My weapon of choice is textpattern and I think that I’m getting the hang of CSS. But I still use tables for the art stuff. The theme is “automatic,” based on a photograph I had taken at a fall festival of antique cars.

The other four designs look something like this:

Staircase Graffiti - October 2004
17-Waiting Period -- November 2004
Splattered architecture -- April 2005
Excess Baggage -- July 2005

As for myself, I’m 26 and I work as an editor/paginatrix of a daily newspaper. I own a lot of cameras, and I have only left the East Coast twice in my life. My art concentrations are in digital art, video and photography. If I weren’t an editor, I would have been an architect. I also collect Happy Meal toys.

My musical tastes stretch across the board. I don’t limit myself to a particular genre, but my favorite musicians include Prince, Tori Amos, Luscious Jackson, Maze, Amos Lee and Gorillaz. My cinematic tastes are also varied. My DVD collection reflects that.