Store Windows (2004-05)
Another round of store windows with more on the way. Shot with Nikon FM10.
Consumption (2004)
Photos taken to demonstrate the many faces of consumption, from the shoppers to the merchants. Shot with Nikon FM10.
17-Year Waiting Period (2004)
Taking the basis of Essentials: Pixelate, I used origami and slide film to illustrate the life and death of cicadas. Shot with Nikon FM10.
Store Windows (2004)
A series of store windows in photographs and digital manipulations taken this fall. Tools used include Nikon FM10 and Canon Sureshot Owl.
Essentials: Pixelate (2002)
Five photographs/digital designs using Photoshop and Nikon FM10. The purpose of the project was to take objects from third-world countries and take them down to the finest level, a pixel line.
Store Windows (2000)
A series of black and white photographers taken with the Nikon FM10 in Winston-Salem, N.C. and Augusta, Ga.
Portraits (2000)
Three portraits of friends for a class assignment. Shot with Nikon FM10.

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