Loyalty-free in New England (November 2005)
The title refers to my travels between Cambridge, Mass. (Harvard University), to visit one of my former college roommates and New Haven, Conn. (Yale University) for the annual open house at its School of Art. Shot with the Sony Cybershot P-73.
Reunion in Washington, D.C. (August 2005)
For three years, my college friends and I gather somewhere that we can all be entertained, enjoy each other’s company and catch up on own busy lives. This time, we reunited in Washington, D.C., as a way to tour the nation’s capital in Shannon’s final year there. Much fun and laughs were had. Shot with the Sony Cybershot P-73.
The Life Aquatic in Virginia Beach (July 2005)
The day I decided to return to the Atlantic Ocean happened to be the hottest day of the year. Listening to the “Next Stop Wonderland” soundtrack and bossa nova on the two-hour drive lead to a stop at Virginia Beach and the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. Shot with the Sony Cybershot P-73.
Skipping Monticello in Charlottesville (May 2005)
During a weekend when for the first time I had two consecutive days to myself in three months, I made the two-hour trip to Charlottesville, Va., to shot photos of store windows. The amount of time I gave myself was only three hours and I stayed in the Corner District of town near the University of Virginia. Shot with the Sony Cybershot P-73.
WFU Homecoming (October 2004)
Time to visit the old campus in Winston-Salem, N.C. I hadn’t been back to campus since I graduated in 2002. It was great to see my art professors and to attend the football game against Florida State. Shot with Nikon FM 10.
Going to Kansas City (July 2004)
While visiting my former college roommate in Kansas City, Kan., I traveled on both sides of the city to visit as many museums as possible and do all the cheesy stuff all tourists do. Shot with Canon Sureshot Owl.
Flicks & Murder in Savannah (October 2003)
It had been almost 10 years since I had visited Savannah, Ga. After reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I embarked on my own walking tour of the charmed Southern city. I spent four days at the Savannah Film Festival hosted by the Savannah College of Art and Design. Shot with Canon Sureshot Owl.

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